The Smart Asthma System

1) Track your peak flow
All readings automatically tracked and explained.

2) Track your inhaler use
Each puff recorded as you press down.

3) Track your symptoms
Let the app know how you feel when it asks.

4) Manage and predict
The app puts it all together and warns you of flare-ups.

The proactive way to manage your asthma

How Smart Asthma helps you manage your asthma?

How Smart Rescue helps you track your Inhaler use?

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Recommended by Doctors and Nurses

Dr. Andras Szantho
Lung Specialist

“Smart Peak Flow measures your peak flow, but also a percentage compared to your last best blow. This comparison is invaluable when trying to work out if your asthma is worsening or not.”

Prof. Krzysztof Buczyłko
Director of Allergology

“I recommend Smart Peak Flow as regular peak flow readings help me assess my patients. I know whether the medications I prescribe actually work.”

Dr. Tuck-Kay Loke
Clinical Director

“The fact I am able to have access to patients’ recordings at this time of coronavirus is particularly useful as I am not able to have many face to face consultations at the present time.”


Paediatric Respiratory Nurse