10 Brutally Honest Facts about Asthma

    1. Pets with short hair can trigger asthma attacks
    2. Asthmatics can exercise – you just need to manage your asthma properly
    3. If you think it’s just a cold that keeps coming back and won’t go away, you need to go to a doctor, it could be asthma
    4. Children need to be treated for asthma, they won’t outgrow it
    5. Asthma is not all in your head, it’s a real condition
    6. Reliever inhalers should not be the only treatment for asthma
    7. You shouldn’t stop taking asthma medication while you’re pregnant
    8. If you have asthma, and so does your child, he/she needs their own diagnosis, treatment and medication. It’s not the same as yours
    9. Always pack your asthma medication in your carry-on bag during a flight. If you are asked about it at security, explain that you need it
    10. Asthma is a condition that can be improved even if it’s something you have to live with. But it’s up to you to keep it under control


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