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Asthma management basics – improve your state of asthma

Asthma is one of the most common long-term conditions worldwide, affecting over 330 million people, and many of those struggle to take their medication regularly. Modern medical science has made remarkable progress in the treatment of asthma. Inhalers containing steroids are particularly effective in preventing an asthma attack but getting people to take these preventive […]

Importance of Peak Flow Meters In Managing Asthma

Importance of Peak Flow Meters In Managing Asthma A peak flow meter is a portable asthma monitoring device that measures how much air your lungs can hold and forcibly exhale in one minute. Peak flow measurements are a vital tool in the management of asthma that you can use to understand your symptoms and help […]

10 Brutally Honest Facts about Asthma

Pets with short hair can trigger asthma attacks Asthmatics can exercise – you just need to manage your asthma properly If you think it’s just a cold that keeps coming back and won’t go away, you need to go to a doctor, it could be asthma Children need to be treated for asthma, they won’t […]