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What is a peak flow chart? Why is it important to track your peak flow?

Starting a peak flow diary and tracking your levels alongside daily symptoms and general health is really important to understand your asthma better. It can help you identify any triggers and know when you need to speak to your doctor or increase your medication during a flare up. What is a peak flow chart? Peak […]

Importance of Peak Flow Meters In Managing Asthma

Importance of Peak Flow Meters In Managing Asthma A peak flow meter is a portable asthma monitoring device that measures how much air your lungs can hold and forcibly exhale in one minute. Peak flow measurements are a vital tool in the management of asthma that you can use to understand your symptoms and help […]

What exactly is peak flow and a peak flow meter?

What is peak flow? Peak flow or PEF (peak expiratory flow) is the measure of how hard and fast you can blow air out, measured in Litres per minute (L/m). The narrower your airways are, the less air flow will be able to go through them. Peak flow can be different for people based on […]