Troubleshooting & Tech Support

Troubleshooting of Smart Asthma app and Smart Peak Flow device:

  1. Please try it standing under a direct light – make sure the light source is not flashing (as some LEDs do) as this may cause problems.
  2. Make sure the top window of the device is not covered and facing upwards, so the light can easily go through it.
  3. Make sure you have the device fully plugged in.
  4. Please make sure the headphone jack is dry and clean.
  5. Try reinstalling the app.
  6. Make sure you have granted all necessary permissions (location, microphone, storage) to the app. Check this in your phone’s app list by tapping on the Smart Asthma app.
  7. Try swapping the mouthpiece to the other side.
  8. Make sure you hold the device at the same angle during the whole procedure, so the device can filter out the possible noises. During both the calibration and measurement period you need to hold the device still and make sure there is no draught or wind which can cause the propeller to spin continuously.
  9. If you use it with the bluetooth adapter, make sure there are no other bluetooth devices connected to your phone, like smart watches, headphones, speakers, etc.
  10. Follow this technique to measure your peak flow:
Please try these and contact us below if your problem persists.

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