Importance of Peak Flow Meters In Managing Asthma

Importance of Peak Flow Meters In Managing Asthma

A peak flow meter is a portable asthma monitoring device that measures how much air your lungs can hold and forcibly exhale in one minute.

Peak flow measurements are a vital tool in the management of asthma that you can use to understand your symptoms and help prevent serious asthma attacks. In fact, they’re the only objective and easy-to-use tool that can be carried with you wherever you go. You can improve your asthma control and even lower your medication levels with regular peak flow charting. And while we know this isn’t fun and most asthmatics don’t bother with the process, it’s a proven fact that it is the only accurate way to treat and manage asthma.

Take regular peak flow measurements 

    • A Peak Flow Test measures how well your lungs are working
    • This can give you an early warning that your asthma is worsening
    • It will also help your doctor or nurse prescribe the right amount of medication at your next asthma review.

This is why we invented Smart Peak Flow, a device that plugs into your smartphone and is paired with an app. The app reminds you to take the measurements, records the values, and charts them for you and your physician.

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