What exactly is peak flow and a peak flow meter?

What is peak flow?

Peak flow or PEF (peak expiratory flow) is the measure of how hard and fast you can blow air out, measured in Litres per minute (L/m). The narrower your airways are, the less air flow will be able to go through them. Peak flow can be different for people based on age, height, and gender.

You can use peak flow to pinpoint your asthma triggers. For example, you might see a dip in peak flow every time you go outside during hay fever season. These readings can enable you to be better prepared for your triggers and get help sooner if your asthma deteriorates.

What is a peak flow meter or peak expiratory flow meter?

Just as diabetics check their blood sugar levels with a monitoring device, asthmatics can keep an eye on their lung function with a peak flow meter. It helps them monitor their peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) in litres/minute. The device measures how much air an asthmatic can force out of his/her airways, which is an objective indicator of the state of a person’s asthma.

A peak flow meter allows you to keep an eye on your lung function at home and can help your doctor or nurse prescribe the right medication, monitor your treatment and help you better manage your asthma.

Smart Peak Flow meter is simple to use: even school age children or those who aren’t familiar with smartphones before can easily learn how to use it and will be able to manage their own asthma.

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