Smart Peak Flow

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Your asthma made easy.

This device turns your phone into your own personal asthma assistant. It helps you self-manage your asthma, making sure you get better, have less exacerbations and always know where you stand with your condition.


Recommended by doctors and asthma patients.
  • Can be used with headphone jack adaptor.
  • Suitable for ages 5 and above.
  • Free worldwide delivery.
  • 60-day returns guarantee.

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Smart Peak Flow



How it works

Your peak flow made easy

Recommended by Doctors

Dr. Andras Szantho,
Lung Specialist


“Smart Peak Flow measures your peak flow, but also a percentage compared to your last best blow. This comparison is invaluable when trying to work out if your asthma is worsening or not.”

Prof. Krzysztof Buczyłko,
Director of Allergology


“I recommend Smart Peak Flow as regular peak flow readings help me assess my patients. I know whether the medications I prescribe actually work.”

Dr. Tuck-Kay Loke,
Director of Allergology


“The fact I am able to have access to patients’ recordings at this time of coronavirus is particularly useful as I am not able to have many face to face consultations at the present time.”

Dr. Andras Szantho,
Lung Specialist


“Smart Peak Flow measures your peak flow, but also a percentage compared to your last best blow. This comparison is invaluable when trying to work out if your asthma is worsening or not.”

Prof. Krzysztof Buczyłko,
Director of Allergology


“I recommend Smart Peak Flow as regular peak flow readings help me assess my patients. I know whether the medications I prescribe actually work.”

What's in the box

Smart Peak Flow Meter

Reusable Mouthpiece

Carry Bag

User Manual

Free App

Available on all phones with Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0.

Reviews (121)

121 reviews for Smart Peak Flow

  1. Martin Goodman

    Needs getting used to as if you are wheezy it sometimes doesn’t register

  2. Grace

    Great device easy to use. Needs a direct source of light above you or it gives some very peculiar readings! The device takes your highest resting not an average and you cant add any readings from a manual PFM. It definitely makes tracking my PF easier and PDF of results can be shared directly to my doctors which is fab!

  3. Susan F.

    An easier way to keep track. Only problems are – need to be in a well lit room at night, think it gave me too high a personal best to start with as I’ve had to reduce it to make it more realistic and I could do with a narrower mouthpiece, the doctor gave me a child’s peak flow meter as my jaw doesn’t open enough. Otherwise very happy – even happier when I get green!!

  4. Anonymous

    5 stars

  5. Sandra Delachaise

    it some time work I have two incase one brakes


    Veri conviniant for younger astmatics

  7. Anonymous

    I think every asthmatic should have this. This has breathed new life into my previously sporadic asthma care. Start the app, plug in & blow, result explained & logged in the diary-done! Also, an option to make a note & view the graph. The only nit pick I have, is that the clear mouth piece could do with a slightly tighter fitting.

  8. dan bayley

    Great little gadget, nice app too, but can’t figure out how to get my data out of it.

  9. Allison Galt

    This is a brilliant device

  10. Sharon Beaumont

    Brilliant device. Bought it as my last asthma attack came on so quickly it was scary. However, after using this device on a daily basis it gave me an amber warning and advised I took my blue inhaler even though I didn’t have any major symptoms at the time. you can clearly see from the app that my asthma isn’t under control properly so I can now show the readings to my GP and hopefully get sorted.

  11. Natalie Barnes

    I have a teenage son who has asthma – albeit only with a cold (virus) which can be quite unpredictable.
    I was looking for an app to document his peak flows and came across your product which is a fabulous innovative idea. I have a typical teenager who thinks normal graphing of peak flows is boring. Consistent peak flow monitoring has therefore lacking. Anything to do with technology and he’s interested.
    He also needs to be more involved in his asthma management. The app and smart peak flow metre have allowed him greater engagement with his chronic condition. I’m a registered nurse and love the use of modern technology and health innovation.

  12. Lesdia


  13. Lee Mackenzie

    Great Device and App

  14. Motoki Tokifuji

    5 for recording my peak flow ellegantly.
    -1 for not working on Pixel3 XL via microphone to usb-c adaptor.

  15. Margaret A.

    Efficient and compact

  16. Sam

    Since most recent app update, it works well. I do get some variability with differing amount of room lighting – however, this is expected. I’m a health care professional that has tried using this device.

  17. Samwise (verified owner)

    Since most recent app update, it works well. I do get some variability with differing amounts of room lighting – however this is expected.

  18. Barney Sloan (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service. After receiving a Smart Peak Flow Meter that didn’t work I contacted the seller. They were amazing! Once we tried all options regarding the app, they replaced the item (which works perfectly) and gave me a full refund! Thanks Captium for your assistance.

  19. Ian Meredith (verified owner)

    Needs a big puff.

  20. Caroline (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Was very easy to use. Makes managing my asthma easy. Can so spot when my asthma is getting worse. And I can take it anyway small and compact.

  21. Mike A (verified owner)

    Works well, very easy to make regular measurements, compact. Needs good amount of light above it to function properly but not a big problem.

  22. Amanda Watch (verified owner)

    I have 2 children 10 &9 years with asthma. I have down loaded this to my phone for my youngest and to my 10 year olds tablet. Both are connected to my emails. Had to use 2 different email addresses. My only issue is that it would be easier if I could of had on app but profile for both children. Hopefully in the future.

  23. Marie Wilson (verified owner)

    User friendly and much more intuitive than traditional analogue peak flow meters. The reminder feature is a bonus.

  24. Karen Carmichael

    At first I had trouble with the app giving measurements when I hadn’t blown. (due to certain types of lights) This has now been fixed. Easily fits into my bag, allowing me to take a reading anywhere, anytime. My GP was impressed when I went in for a review and I was able to show her how my peak flow measurements had been since the start of the year by showing her the graph. My only complaint is that the mouthpiece to the meter falls off very easily.

  25. Shaban Shabanov

    It’s a great way to keep track
    Down side-readings can’t be deleted

  26. Angela P.

    Simple to use and recorded automatically – ideal.

  27. Jacques D.

    With Smart Peak Flow I now know how to adjust the prescribed medication and so avoid hospitalization. Before, whenever my asthma became too severe, I would have to go to the hospital for shock treatment – I no longer need to go through all that ! Many thanks go to Smart Peak Flow.

  28. Ramon Mila Ferrer

    4 stars

  29. Kevin Wilkinson

    Easy to use and seems very accurate.

  30. Zita

    Perfect, easy to use

  31. Anna Sargent (verified owner)

    Brilliant – easily set up, and works very well – this is going to make a great deal of difference to my monitoring and control of my asthma. Very clever, compact lightweight plug-in propeller, very clear app. Haven’t used it long enough to need to print a graph yet.

  32. Ashley F. (verified owner)

    Great for logging your lung capacity. The product is very easy to use, literally plug in once you have downloaded the app. Really pleased with it. I am logging my results twice daily to give to the Drs (UK). Occasionally I start to blow before the fan has stopped running and the read is incorrect but it is user error (impatience) rather than anything else.

  33. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Essential for anyone with Asthma!

  34. Andy McGreal (verified owner)

    Brilliant! It was so quiet I had to look to make sure it was working! Very light, can carry in a pocket or small bag. Can use USB via mains power adapter or a powerbank. Very versatile and never let me down!

  35. Stuart Simpson (verified owner)

    Keeping a record of the peak flow. Great to use app records each peak flow and you can print it off.

  36. BEN ABBES Mohammed (verified owner)


  37. Ian

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  38. David Keenan

    Hi bought the smart peak flow meter and it is brilliant very easy to use and very easy to download the app, easy to read all readings that is saved on iPad and phone , Royal Mail lost the item that was sent to me, but smartpeak flow sent another strait away and sent me a blue tooth adapter to help me ! MANY THANKS TO SMARTPEAKFLOW

  39. Cheryl Sonia Hammond

    Fantastic product help me and my husband so much we both have one and its a gods end to us my asthma is getting worse if it was not for Smart Peakflow I’d be in danger thank you so much all the team

  40. Catherine Armitage (verified owner)

    Great piece of kit – can easily log and track peak flow and get early indication of when I may be starting to develop a chest infection.

  41. Sharon Anne Ayliffe (verified owner)

    I think the smart peak flow is brilliant and has helped me keep my asthma in control

  42. Cara Hamilton (verified owner)

    It’s a great app. However due to the size and shape of the mouthpiece it can be difficult to get consistent readings all the time. e.g. during my 3 readings I went from 60% of my best ~250 to 91% of my best >400 as its hard to get a proper seal around the mouth piece. It would be great if you made a mouthpiece that replicated that of a standard issue peak flow meter. Also given that a lot of newer smartphones don’t have the audio jack port you should include the appropriate adapter in the price

  43. Paul McCormick (verified owner)

    Good to keep track on your daily peak flow

  44. Jairus Daughter (verified owner)

    Genius. Awesome gadget. Much more accurate than my analogue could ever be. Some anomalies but catching a good or bad breath or day would cover that.

  45. Zanzi (verified owner)

    Works great. Nifty tool and a sleek app. Works very well. The tiniest peak flow meter, even when including the adapter for the lightning cable. Worth buying the little elegant sensor.

  46. Lynne Dearlove

    I really like this. Having been surprised that there is not an official NHS asthma app, I came across this device and tracking app. The device is easy to use and less cumbersome than the traditional PF meter. Love the fact that the app works out your red, amber and green zones which has made my asthma plan so much easier to implement. Data is clearly presented with personal best PF automatically added (can be manually changed) based on results. It calculates average PF quarterly and yearly. This makes asthma appointments more efficient. Customer service is excellent. I have been informed that the ability to edit notes is coming in future updates. I have also requested a notes section to add an asthma plan in the sub menu. For me, these features would make it a 5* review. Very promising and will be recommending to others with asthma. My asthma is chronic and difficult to manage but the app gives me reassurance that my PF is okay and if in the amber zone it provides an early warning to users to implement the asthma plan to get back on track. I actually feel that my asthma will be manageable now. Thank you!

  47. richard

    Very handy device and app.Seems to measure a little higher than standard UK peak flow,maybe 10 – 15%.
    Would recommend.

  48. Angela

    Very pleased. Prompt delivery. Well packaged. The app is really clear and checking my peak flow twice a day and having a record on the chart has helped me manage my asthma

  49. Zdenko

    Ingenious piece of technology, one of those few gadgets, that are not only called „smart“ but trully are smart. Usage of the device definitely benefits from a technical insight, but for most users and standard situations will work without extra hassle. If there might be unclarities, there are always very competent and responsive people to help at the SPF. Trully excellent, dedicated team! Thanks!

  50. Keith Brightwell

    Very pleased it’s easy to use and understand and if you have question you get a reply same day

  51. Derek Porro (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Highly recommended. Chart clear to understand and empowers me to take control and to make adjustments in medications well in advance and avoid an asthma attack.

  52. Wilhelmine Koenig (verified owner)

    Very fast reliable delivery in perfect packaging.

  53. Jonathan (verified owner)

    A good way of monitoring fluctuations in peak flow but the functionality relays very much on good light levels and it consistently reads my peak flow much higher than it’s real value.

  54. Derek Porro (verified owner)

    Easy to use . Highly recommended. Chart clear to understand and empowers me to take control and to make adjustments in medications well in advance and avoid an asthma attack.

  55. christine stone (verified owner)


  56. Claire Bolton (verified owner)

    Great way to record peak flow accurately on yr mobile phone.

  57. Kirstie Daws (verified owner)

    The meter and app are fantastic, really simple to use and it means I can have my peak flow readings to hand all the time, which really helped recently when I visited the doctor and he asked for them. If I hadn’t been using this device and app I wouldn’t have been able to recall them so would recommend this to everyone.

  58. Nikki Race (verified owner)

    Easy to use even for kids , my son was never keen on using his peak flow meter and we were never that great at recording the results. With the introduction of technology he is interested and keeping track is effortless!

  59. Charlotte Eades-Willis (verified owner)

    Brilliant peice of kit so easy and simple, really helped

  60. Emma Edwards (verified owner)

    Works well and records asthma data. Only works in good light though. This is much better than the old peak flow gadgets

  61. Rae Green (verified owner)

    The device works well, and the app is easy to set up and use. What a brilliant way to monitor and control asthma! Thank you so much for this brilliant, game changing device.

  62. Ben Jammin (verified owner)

    The smart peak flow is awesome. Easy set up and after a couple of teething problems (user error) has been amazing. An Easy way to track my peak flow

  63. Rae Rae (verified owner)

    RE-REVIEWED Love it. Device is a little expensive and is pretty accurate. Recording is better now, and now is editable. The save button is brilliant now. You can also record inhaler use. Mouth peice is a bit wide for me too, and I’ve got a big mouth! Initially I gave the app 3 stars, but improvements are brilliant and make the app much more user friendly. There’s a Bluetooth conector now…. Really good. Well done. I look forward to further updates.

  64. Kerry Dix (verified owner)

    Fantastic product helps me keep track with minimal effort over the moon how simple it is and has helped me keep track of my bad days

  65. Angela Berglund (verified owner)

    The Smart Peak Flow device and app are great. Makes keeping track of my asthma so much easier.

  66. Natalie Green-wood (verified owner)

    Simple to use, works great

  67. John Davies (verified owner)

    Great app and great device i keep with me all the time

  68. Kirstie S (verified owner)

    Its so easy to use and measures it way more accurately than my old one! The asthma nurse was really impressed too ??

  69. Ian Cairns (verified owner)

    This little device is a big improvement on the dumb devices you are usually given. Firstly it records all the measurements so you can easily see from the app whether the trend is up or down. It is also more accurate. I compared my smart peak flow readings with professional readings from the hospital and they were pretty close whereas the mechanical meter I’d got from the doctors was way out.

  70. Kaiden Bedwell (verified owner)

    Great concept and execution. Well done!

  71. helen hookway (verified owner)

    Love it.. I can tell if I’m using my inhaler correctly.. I’m finding it so much easier to look after my asthma.. My son is also using it too.. Its brilliant. I would definitely recommend that everyone one has this for their asthma.

  72. Dawn Turnbull (verified owner)

    Very easy to use

  73. Kerry Toney (verified owner)

    Easy to set up easy to use an really helps with controllin my asthma its a must have would not be without my smart meter now well done on a fab item smart peak flow xxx

  74. Sarah Samuel (verified owner)

    This is absolutely brilliant! It’s such a game changer & so much easier carrying around a smart peak flow as opposed to a big normal one so to speak! I have severe asthma so need to keep everything near ALWAYS!This app has been brilliant & is spot on accurate,my only regret? That i didn’t know about this sooner!! Thank you so much!

  75. marjorie spendlow (verified owner)

    I received the snark peak flow four days ago, it is a great way of testing your lung function and it monitors how you are doing brilliant machine thank you .

  76. Brigid Kerr (verified owner)

    I’ve found this app so useful. I recently had a asthma flare up and it was handy to see how the peak flow dropped so I could show the Dr.

  77. Karen Sargent (verified owner)

    Easy to use and set up. We are still trying to get my sons treatment right and this will be a great record to show his Asthma Team when we go back. Great visual aid to help my son on track.

  78. Jessica Hernandez (verified owner)

    Great product, really helpful info to give to my doctor too.

  79. lauren coulter (verified owner)


  80. Danielle Prendergast (verified owner)

    This tracker has changed my life. Allows me to keep a note of my all my peak flows in the same place. It also is a helpful reminder.

  81. Duncan Wilson (verified owner)

    Brilliant tool

  82. The King (verified owner)

    Has given a new control over my asthma other than medication.

  83. Lena Koval (verified owner)

    It is very convenient to use the application. Menu in Russian. Everything is clear, the child is interested. There are rewards for continued use. This is an additional incentive for children. Thank you for a useful application. ??

  84. Darren Brown (verified owner)

    Could maybe incorporate a full Asthma plan that could be reviewed by Asthma Nurse on a yearly basis as opposed to general guidelines…?

  85. Dawn McDonald (verified owner)

    Easy to use. Reproducible readings. Helps track changes.

  86. June Benton (verified owner)

    I use before I take my inhalers in the morning. Finding this very useful can keep an eye on my asmtha without worrying about my symptoms at this vulnerable time with the virus.

  87. Hannah Crook (verified owner)

    Fabulous Device, worth investing in. A very thoughtful idea for asthmatics

  88. Kellie Waller (verified owner)

    Brilliant Having being diagnosed with severe and difficult asthma with etopy and being on biologics, this handy device and app means i can keep check of my peak flow and what actions i need to take. It means i dont have to carry a bulky peak flow around everywhere i go!

  89. Vanessa Carminati (verified owner)

    Fantastic app. It is much more comfortable and efficient than normal peak flow!

  90. Michele Cockerill (verified owner)

    Thank you for your review! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve and enhance your user experience, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

  91. Mukesh Thaker (verified owner)

    Fantastic app – really easy to use

  92. Krzysztof M. Buczylko (verified owner)

    It would be great if it was possible to enter the circumstances of the deterioration so that I gradually learn about factors that are harmful to me, e.g. food factors that worsen PEF.

  93. Onur Muftahi (verified owner)

    Very successful when the beautiful product is taken care of

  94. Philip Godfrey (verified owner)

    Experienced problems using the Smart Peakflow plugged into my phone so ordered the Bluetooth adapter and since using the Bluetooth adapter I have had no further problems. It makes it a lot easier to to keep track of my peak flow measurements and to be able to share my results with my healthcare professional. It’s an all together easier way to keep track of how my asthma is doing and flag up any potential problems.

  95. Amy D (verified owner)

    The app is super easy to use, records accurately and takes the stress out of keeping track of my asthma. After researching different peak flows, I’m so glad I opted for this one!

  96. Wendy V.d Werf (verified owner)

    super nice app that works well

  97. Alex Keeper (verified owner)

    A great app and device that helps me live life to the fullest by controlling asthma. I recommend as much as possible to everyone, an irreplaceable thing.

  98. Barry Sullivan (verified owner)

    Great Product

  99. Marc Deluce (verified owner)

    Perfect piece of equipment. Much better than the old flow meter and with Bluetooth too.

  100. Kerry Dix (verified owner)

    Fantastic product helps me keep track with minimal effort over the moon how simple it is and has helped me keep track of my bad days

  101. Angela Berglund (verified owner)

    The Smart Peak Flow device and app are great. Makes keeping track of my asthma so much easier.

  102. Natalie Green-wood (verified owner)

    Simple to use, works great

  103. John Davies (verified owner)

    Great app and great device i keep with me all the time

  104. Kirstie S (verified owner)

    Its so easy to use and measures it way more accurately than my old one! The asthma nurse was really impressed too ??

  105. Cheryl White (verified owner)

    Love it

  106. Jessica Walker (verified owner)

    Best thing for those with asthma as it really helps gives advice and action plans

  107. Leonardo Matos (verified owner)

    Easy to use, very practical and similar in the way of sending information to a doctor.

  108. Karen Krelle (verified owner)

    Brilliant little gadget, easy to install and use and with a 30 day free trial and a 5 year warranty what’s not to like

  109. Mark Clements (verified owner)

    The app is brilliant, allows me to manage my asthma and tells me if I need to have treatment because I am new to all of this had asthma now for a month

  110. Susan Beedle (verified owner)

    This is the companion to the smart peak flow Meter. You need both to see the measurement of your lung capacity and whether you could get an asthma attack. The charts are easy to read. Being an asthmatic I often forget to do charts. If you see that your asthma is getting out of control, the charts can be forwarded to a doctor. Very useful and essential app for asthmatics. I like the daily inspirational quotes.

  111. Sue Polley (verified owner)

    Love it… Just received and installed.. Accurate and completely simple to use this even tells you when you should contact medical help. Reminders to use it Bluetooth enabled. Absolutely a million times better than the old peak flow I have and so portable. Price may put you off but I recommend you at least try the 30 day trial I guarantee you’ll never go back to the old way

  112. Chris Anastasopoulou (verified owner)


  113. Bartosz Z (verified owner)

    A very clear and helpful application.

  114. Cheryl Hammond (verified owner)

    I think this is fantastic and everyone with asthma should have one. Thank you for making it so much easier

  115. Lindsay Stone (verified owner)

    Have only just downloaded and set up my account but was easy to do. Looking forward to seeing how my peak flow changes at different times of the day and different activities.

  116. Miroslava Stakic (verified owner)

    Very satisfied. I follow COPD, I inhale on time and finally my cough doesn’t wake me up at night.

  117. Eve Lloyd (verified owner)

    Best peak flow instrument going, so easy to use plus it also registers the results so you can see when you need medical treatment because it let’s you

  118. Anna MacDonald (verified owner)

    Only received my meter and installed today, gone through the setup which was nice and easy and connected to my phones Bluetooth first time. App is easy to navigate and use. So far so good.

  119. Sorrel Sweeney (verified owner)


  120. Cathryn Henson (verified owner)

    Only just got it and set it up. Nice and easy to use

  121. Keziah Southwick

    This has been a life saver for my 5 year old who cant always understand his symptoms and im only going on the little information i know.
    He does sometimes have a little bit of trouble sealing his lips around the mouth peice but we get there.

    We were lucky enough to win ours in a competition but honestly if we only had it for a weeks trial i would have already payed for it.
    Attaches to my phone which is handy the alarm is helpful as it always comes with a cheering on quote to ask him to challenge himself. Also the badges are great for pushing he to keep it up although would be great to get a few more as seems along way between each badge but on whole i love it.

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